Seeing Communities Transformed, Both Spiritually and Physically, Starting with Our Own


Mack Avenue’s Missions Commitment

The most measurable goal Scripture gives us for accomplishing the Great Commission is that of discipling "peoples." We are commanded to disciple all the peoples of the world (Matthew 28:18). Therefore, although we must wholeheartedly continue to multiply churches within people groups where an evangelizing church has already been planted, we must also be vitally concerned about planting churches where Christ has not yet even been named.

Our Dedication

MACC is dedicated to cultivating our understanding of and commitment to being a missional church.

MACC is dedicated to actively encouraging and supporting the raising up of world laborers (both long and short term) from within our community.

MACC is dedicated to supporting missionaries at home and abroad, by prayer, encouragement and financial giving, for the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

MACC is dedicated to being involved in a holistic missional effort where our financial, prayer and human resources are being strategically placed in each of the following categories:

  • Jerusalem (local community)
  • Samaria (national community)
  • Ends of the Earth (world community)


Our Focus

Church Planting

MACC will establish indigenous, community churches characterized by true worship of God, effective biblical nurture of believers, and evangelization of unbelievers, to the end that these churches will reproduce themselves.

Community Development

MACC will dedicate our time and resources to ensure that our community is being transformed physically as well as spiritually. We will lead and equip our people in taking opportunities to minister to the marginalized and the poor by relieving and developing (practically and spiritually).

World Missions

MACC will plan and strategize so as to focus on areas of missionary activity which accents the mandate to “go into all the world”. For this reason we will increasingly seek to devote the majority of supported missionary activity to the planting and equipping of churches in three particular areas. First, we seek to partner with missionaries working with unreached people: those who have never heard or had access to the gospel. We also aim to partner with those ministering in inner city neighborhoods and extremely poor rural areas. 

Our Giving

MACC will celebrate generosity through sacrificially giving to fulfill our vision and accomplish our mission.

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