Seeing Communities Transformed, Both Spiritually and Physically, Starting with Our Own

How We Obey Jesus

Discipleship Practically

The vision at Mack Avenue Community Church is to see communities transformed both Spiritually and physically starting with our own. One of the practical ways that we accomplish this in the power of the Holy Spirit is through our discipleship relationships. We are committed to giving every person an opportunity to learn how to walk by faith, communicate their faith and multiply their faith.

2017 Discipleship Resouces:

For Disciplers

For Disciples

The Reason we disciple:

Matthew 28:18-20

  1. The Command is clear that all under his rule are to “Make Disciples”
  2. The Command is clear as to how which is by
    1. Going out into the world
    2. Breaking people from the stronghold of Satan and his family and ushering people into the family of God (Baptizing)
    3. Teaching all that Jesus taught and modeled.

Practically this looks like:

Spending time in:

  1. The Word- Understanding what God has said and responding to his truth through obedience.
  2. Relationship- Realizing that God created us to be in community. Not only is it a necessary ingredient for our joy in life but also is essential to live out the gospel as Jesus intended
  3. Ministry- His people on mission is a culmination of Christ reign as it is his people reminding the world that Christ rules and reigns over all as they retell his story through our lives, words and service.

Having the Atmosphere of:

(also as modeled by Christ and his followers)

  1. Intentionality- Discerning our culture we realize without intentionality our meetings have a high chance of being infrequent and shallow. Therefore, we are serious about connecting specifically to adore Christ and train as his followers
  2. Commitment- Vulnerability, authenticity, and accountability is hard to have if you are not sure the other person is committed to you as you journey in Jesus. These traits are paramount and so commitment is a nonnegotiable.

Our Goal in discipleship is:

to produce HEALTHY BELIEVERS that can multiply, i.e. believers who can:

  1. Walk by Faith- People on the journey who intimately Love and obey Jesus.
  2. Communicate their Faith- People on the journey of developing a Christ Centered Worldview and desire to retell Jesus’ story to those in his/her sphere.
  3. Multiply their Faith- People on the journey of seeing people come to Christ and wanting to grow them up to be mature Christ followers (Disciples)

The Requirements of a person interested in Discipleship at Mack Ave are:

A. Commitment to:

  1. Jesus
  2. Discipleship (Owns The Biblical mandate)
  3. Mack Ave Community Church
  4. Our Community 48214, then the World

B. The person must desire to be developing as a (F.A.T.) Believer:

  1. Faithful- You Faithful in your pursuit of Christ
  2. Available- You will be Available in order to grow in Christ
  3. Teachable- You will be Teachable in order to grow in Christ

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